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Web Hosting Glossary

Are you confused with so many technical terms? Do not worry its often hard to keep so many terms in mind. This section is specially desinged to explain most of the terms which you should read & understand before you choose your web hosting service provider.

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100 Mebabit per second baseband Fast Ehternet specification using UTP wiring. Like the 10BaseT technology on which it is based, 100BaseT sends link pulses over the network segment when no traffic is present. However, these link pulses contain more information than those used in 10BaseT.


10 Megabit per second baseband Ethernet specification using two paris of twisted-pair cabling (Category 3, 4 or 5): one pair for transmitting data and the other for receiving data. 10BaseT has a distance limit of approximately 100 meters per segment.

Active Channel

An Active Channel is a frequently updated information residing on a Web server. A "channel" is a Web site designed to deliver content from the Internet to your computer, similar to subscribing to a favorite Web site. You don't have to subscribe to view the content, but with channels the content provider can suggest a schedule for your subscription, or you can customize your own. Also, with a channel you don't see just a Web page, you also get a rich map of the Web site, which enables you to quickly select and view the content you want.


ActiveX is a set of technologies from Microsoft that enables interactive content for the World Wide Web. Before ActiveX, Web content was static, 2-dimensional text and graphics. With ActiveX, Web sites come alive using multimedia effects, interactive objects, and sophisticated applications that create a user experience comparable to that of high-quality CD-ROM titles. ActiveX provides the glue that ties together a wide assortment of technology building blocks to enable these "active" Web sites.


URL (Uniformed Resource Locator) is more frequently used for this purpose.


(Advanced Digital Network). A 56kbps dedicated communication line.


Microsoft Data Access Component Used primarily as a scripting language interface to OLE DB or ODBC data access ActiveX or Active Data Objects.


Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is a fast-growing new technology that converts existing twisted-pair copper lines into high-speed, high-bandwidth digital lines.

Anonymous FTP (Anon FTP)

A method for downloading and uploading files using FTP protocol without having a username or a password.  "Anonymous FTP" indicates that a user may log into the remote system as user "anonymous" with an arbitrary password. A common convention is that the user's email address is supplied as the password, e.g. "yourname@yoursite".

Anonymous remailer

A SMTP server that allows sending anonymous email messages stripping all evidence of its sender and then forwarding it on to its intended recipient. This guarantess that the receiver will not be able to discover the sender's identity


American National Standards Institute.


Apache is an open-source HTTP Web server software.


A program written in the Java to run within a web browser. Java applets begin execution with a series of init(), start(), and paint() methods. ;stop(), and destroy() methods are available. Every Java applet should extend either class Japplet or class Applet.


An online database of anonymous ftp sites. Archie is used to search for particular documents on a large range of FTP archive sites. Some clients can download the files found without additional software


One of the compression formats.


Advanced Research Projects Agency.


Network created by ARPA in 1969. The precursor to the Internet. Landmark packet-switching network established in 1969 by the US Department of Defense as an experiment in wide-area-networking that would survive a nuclear war.


American Standard Code for Information Interchange. A standard for coding text files.


A proprietary Microsoft NT scripting language which may be used to enable web pages to interact with online databases. ASP files, which provide Web developers with an easier, faster, and more powerful way to build Web applications, are regular HTML pages with embedded scripts. These scripts can be written in any language and processed by the server when the file's URL is requested.

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)

Asynchronous Transfer Mode. International sandard for cell relay in which multiple service types (such as voice, video, or data) are conveyed in fixed-length (53-byte) cells. Fixed-length cells allow cell processing to occur in hardware, thereby reducing transit delays. ATM is designed to take advantage of high-speed transmission media such as E3, SONET, and T3.

Audio Streaming

The delivery of audio files from a server to a web browser in a continuous stream of small packets rather than one large file.


Audio file format for Unix systems.


Audio/Video Interleave. Audio file format used by Microsoft Windows.