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Cpanel support documentation

CPanel is a fully featured web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. The idea is to transfer as much of the control of managing your web site to you. You have the ability to manage all aspects of e-mail, files, backup, FTP, CGI scripts, and web site statistics.

Logging on
Logging out
General server information
Reading your e-mail
NeoMail summary
Horde summary
SquirrelMail summary
E-mail Accounts
Configuring Outlook Express to read e-mail
Changing the password of an e-mail account
Deleting an e-mail account
Setting your default e-mail address
Editing an autoresponder
Deleting an autoresponder
E-mail Filtering
Deleting an e-mail filter
Deleting a forwarder
Mailing Lists
Editing a mailing list
Deleting a mailing list

Spam Assassin
Configuring Spam Assassin
Enabling or disabling the Spam Box
Disabling Spam Assassin
Tracing an e-mail address
Altering your Mail Exchanger (MX Entry) setting
Change Password
Parked Domains
Deleting a parked domain
Addon Domains

Deleting an addon domain
FTP Manager
Adding an FTP account
Downloading FTP access logs
Changing the password on an FTP account
Deleting an FTP account
Setting Anonymous FTP access
Removing Anonymous FTP access
Adding an Anonymous FTP message
Controlling FTP sessions
File Manager
Creating a new folder
Uploading files in File Manager
Creating a new file
Editing a file
Editing a file using an HTML Editor (IE6 only)
Renaming a file or folder
Changing file/folder permissions
Deleting a file or folder
Restoring an item from the Trash
Emptying the Trash
Disk Usage
Generating a backup
Restoring your web site from a backup
Password protect directories
Adding an authorized user
Changing an authorized user's password
Removing an authorized user
Removing password protection
Error pages
Adding subdomain redirection
Removing subdomain redirection
Deleting a subdomain
Removing a database
Creating a MySQL user
Removing a user
Grant a user's permissions to a MySQL database
Removing a user's permissions
Managing MySQL databases
Adding host access
Removing host access
Removing a database
Creating a PostgreSQL user
Removing a user
Grant a user's permissions to a PostgreSQL database
Removing a user's permissions
Managing PostgreSQL databases
SSL Shell/Telnet access
Removing a redirect
Frontpage Extensions
Uninstalling Frontpage Extensions
Web/FTP Stats
Latest visitors
Error Log
Raw Access Logs
Raw Log Manager
Downloading archived log files
Subdomain Stats
Search Engine Submit
Bulletin Board
CGI Center
Introduction to CGI
Simple CGI Wrappper
Random HTML
Modifying the guestbook template
Viewing the guestbook
Managing the guestbook
Advanced Guestbook
Managing the Advanced Guestbook
Counter Maker
Resetting a counter
Java CountDown/CountUp Maker
FormMail Clone
Entropy Search
Editing the search engine template
Rebuilding the search index
Entropy Banner
Uploading new banners
Modifying the rotation and URLs of banners
Scripts Library
Interchange shopping cart
Agora Shopping Cart
Modifying an Agora Shopping Cart
Cron jobs
Deleting a cron job
Network Tools
Domain Lookup
Trace Route
MIME Types
Deleting a MIME type
Apache handlers
Deleting an Apache handler
Manage OpenPGP keys
Importing a key
Editing a key
Deleting a key
HotLink Prevention
Disabling hotlink protection
Index Manager
IP Deny Manager
Removing an IP from IP Deny Manager


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